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"America is home to the deadliest school shooting in the entire world"

Is a complete and utter false hood.

in 2004, Beslan, Chechnya, 32 armed men walked into a school and held over 1,100 students hostage in a 3 day stand off with Russian special forces. The end result was 334 hostages dead, 180 or so being school children. 

so shut your fucking mouth

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    South American preaching about non-violence? Are you on crack ? Wait… South America Crack Cocaine DRUG LORD ATTEMPTING...
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    "Does this scenario support my agenda?-> No-> twist and misinterpret facts to support agenda." Are you fucking kidding...
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    Many of them died from explosions, not from being shot, though.
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    There was shooting. In a school. During a hostage crisis. Which lasted three days. It was a school hostage shooting...
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    hUEHuE BrBRBR?
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    "I wish BOPE didn’t shoot me in the mouth every month"
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    I remember watching this on the news. It was horrifying.
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